Getting Around


Large parts of the city centre are pedestrianised, and so with Bordeaux being a fairly flat city the best way to explore the historic centre is on foot.

In terms of public transport, there are three tramlines that run throughout the city, offering cheap and swift transport - single tickets cost €1.50, and are valid for an hour from the time of purchase. There is also an extensive bus network, whose tickets work on the same basis as the trams. You can buy onboard from the driver, or save money with daily/weekly passes, or books of 5/10 tickets for €5.90 or €11.30.

Buses are concentrated around a few hubs in the city centre - Gare Saint Jean, Place de la Victorire, Place Gambetta and Quinconces - from where you should be able to find a connection to just about any destination.

For more details about public transport in Bordeaux, see (in English).

There is also a wide-scale bike hire scheme called VCUB, similar to London’s ‘Boris Bikes’. A credit/debit card is needed for a deposit (just in case you run off with the bike), but from then on a daily hire rate of just €1.50 allows you up to 30 minutes cycling from station to station around the city. There are usage fees if you go beyond the 30 minutes, but you can just dock a bike and take out another one to re-start the clock if you intend on cycling for longer.

For more details, see (in French).


Taxi Télé - +33 5 56 96 00 34 Taxi 33 - +33 5 56 74 95 06 Taxi Bordeaux Metropole - +33 5 56 31 61 07

You can also get yourself an Uber in Bordeaux - download the app from your phone’s app store.