It won’t surprise you to learn that in a largely industrial town of just over 30,000 inhabitants with few tourist hotspots that there isn’t a great deal to offer in the way of accommodation. We expect the few hotels and guesthouses that are located in the city and its immediate surroundings to have extremely limited availability, bordering on non-existent, particularly around the group matches.

A list of accommodation in and around the city can be found on the Tourist Office’s website -

That said, there are a number of local towns and options nearby - the most popular of which we expect to be Lille (40km away). It’s much more geared to tourist visitors and the connections by road and rail with Lens are the best of any major city. You can find more on accommodation information there in our Lille City Guide.

Other nearby towns/cities where you might be able to find some accommodation options - Arras (16k m),Valenciennes (50km) and Amiens (80km).

Uefa also has an official accommodation partner - HomeAway ( which works on a similar basis to Airbnb, offering flats, apartments and houses in and around host cities. Their search function splits properties between each host city, making it easy to use.