Getting Around


A lot of the main sights in Lille are pretty central, so for tourists a great deal of the city can be covered on foot. Lille does have a very good public transport system, however.

The Metro, which was the first driverless metro system in Europe, is quick and efficient and links the suburbs and outlying towns of Tourcoing and Villeneuve d’Ascq with a loop of major stations in the city centre, including the two main railway stations, Rihour (next to the tourist office), République Beaux Arts (near the Palais des Beaux-Arts), Gambetta (near the Wazemmes food market) and Gare Jean Lebas (near La Piscine). There are two lines, called Line 1 and 2.

During the day services are frequent (every 2-4 minutes) and roughly every six minutes in early mornings, evenings and Sundays. The trains operate from 5am to midnight.

The city centre is also served by two tram lines - R and T - as well as the Citadine shuttles - C1 and C2 - which run in a loop around the city centre clockwise and anti-clockwise respectively.

Tickets must be bought and validated before boarding a tram or a metro (day passes need validating only once, not before each journey), while bus tickets can be bought onboard from the driver. Single journeys cost just €1.50, while a day pass costs €4. If you’re only out-and-about in the evenings, then a Pass Soirée costs €2 for unlimited journeys after 7pm.

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Taxis Lille Metropole - (+33) 06 62 32 49 24 Taxi Union - (+33) 03 20 06 06 06 AG Taxis - (+33) 03 20 26 28 28

You can also get yourself an Uber in Lille - download the app from your phone’s app store.