Getting Around


Most of the historic centre can be covered on foot, with the longest routes in town not much more than 20 minutes.

The city is served by 4 metro lines, whose main purpose is to connect the city centre to the suburbs for commuting, rather than covering a need for a large number of stations in the city centre. There are also two funicular railways, linking the old town of Vieux Lyon with Saint Just and Fourvière.

The metro and tram network runs from around 5am to midnight, and services are frequent and generally reliable. Single tickets cost €1.80, while a day pass is €5.50. Single tickets are valid for one hour, and include as many changes as you need. Tickets are purchased from machines at stations and tram stops, or from newspaper kiosks (often marked with TCL).

The machines only accept coins or French bank cards, so be sure to have some change on you if you’re looking to get around.

Bus tickets can be bought onboard, but the price in this instance is €2, rather than €1.80

The city also runs a bike scheme, similar to London’s ‘Boris Bikes’, called Velo’v. Once you have registered with a credit/debit card, you can pick up a bike at one of more than 300 locations throughout the city. As with other schemes, a day ticket costs €1.50 and the first 30 minutes of any ride are free, with fees increasing after that. If your journey is more than 30 minutes, simply dock your bike and pick up another to start the clock again. Weekly tickets cost just €5.


Taxis are quite expensive, and the traffic in the city centre is often pretty congested, making it a pricey option for getting around. The fares are fixed by the authorities, so always insist on the meter running to avoid being ripped off.

Taxi Lyon - (+33) 04 72 10 86 86 Taxi Lyonnais - (+33) 04 78 26 81 81 Allo Taxi - (+33) 04 78 28 23 33

You can also get yourself an Uber in Lyon - download the app from your phone’s app store.