Getting Around


Getting Around

The city is served by two Metro Lines (Line 1 and Line 2), 2 tram lines and dozens of bus routes. The Metro is not the most disabled-friendly system that we’ve come across, and for wheelchair users in particular many stations will be completely inacessible.

That said, the system is relatively reliable and efficient, but the city centre is not so large that you will need to use it a great deal.

Single journey tickets cost €1.50, and are valid across the whole Metro, Tram and bus network for upto an hour. You can make as many changes/connections as you wish, provided your final journey begins within the hour. You are not allowed to leave and re-enter the Metro network, however (that requires a new ticket), and you must validate your ticket before each journey.

Tickets are sold at Metro and Tram stops, and anywhere you see the RTM (Régie des Transports de Marseille) signs. You can buy 10 trips at a discounted €13.40, or a group ticket for €4.80 for upto 4 people.

A day pass will set you back €5.20, while a 3 day card costs €10.80. Day and multi-day passes only need to be validated once, to show when they start. And rather than be limited to the day on which they are validated, as is the case in many cities, they work for 24/72 hours from the first validation.

The Metro runs until just after midnight, while most bus routes operate until 9pm. There are some evening/night bus routes, but these are fairly infrequent.

By Bike

Marseille operates a cycle hire scheme similar to London’s ‘Boris Bikes’ called Le vélo.

The deposit which will be taken against your credit card is €150, just in case you don’t return with the bike, but a week’s subscription costs just €1, and the first 30 minutes of each hire are free (charges apply thereafter). If you wish to travel for more than half an hour, just dock your bike and take another one out immediately, and re-start the clock.

There are more than 100 stations across the city centre.


Dan Taxi Marseille - (+33) 06 77 71 64 73 Taxi Radio Marseille - (+33) 04 91 02 20 20 Les Taxis Marseillais - (+33) 04 91 92 92 92

You can also get yourself an Uber in Marseille - download the app from your phone’s app store.