Getting Around


Most of the city centre, particularly the Vielle Ville (old town) is coverable on foot. There are tram and bus networks, but these are largely designed for commuters and getting people to/from the suburbs. The networks run until about 8pm (bus) and 1am(tram).

The main bus network in Nice is run by Lignes d’Azur, while there is a local network called TAM (Transport Alpes-Maritimes) which runs services along the coast if you’re exploring the riviera. These two systems overlap in Nice, but fortunately the pricing system is the same - €1.50 for a journey - and the Lignes d’Azur tickets are also accepted on TAM services with the city.

Your tickets are valid for a connecting service within an oddly specific timeframe of 74 minutes (this is only true when changing routes - to make a return journey along the same route you need to buy a new ticket).

There are ‘multi’ tickets available where you can buy 10 journeys for €10, which is handy for those travelling in groups. You need to validate the ticket as many times as there are passengers if travelling on a group multi-ticket.

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The tram system connects the bus station, train station, downtown and some outlying suburbs. The tickets are also €1.50 per journey, and should be bought from the machines at the stations. It is probably the most convenient way to reach the old town from the train station, with two stops - Opéra and Cathédrale - only 5 minutes or so from Gare Thiers.

Nice also has a bike rental system called Velo Bleu - on similar lines to London’s ‘Boris Bikes’. A daily rate of €1 is applied (with a credit card taken as deposit in case you run off with your bike) and the first 30 minutes of any journey is free. You shouldn’t need any longer than this, as Nice is fairly compact, but should you plan to travel for longer simply dock the bike and take out another one immediately to re-start the clock.

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Taxis Nicois Independants - (+33) 04 93 88 25 82 Central Taxi Riviera - (+33) 04 93 13 78 78 Taxi Nice - (+33) 06 10 82 11 71

You can also get yourself an Uber in Nice - download the app from your phone’s app store.