Individual, affiliate and associate members

  • INDIVIDUALS: If you're an individual looking to join our ranks, please click this link and complete the web form.
  • AFFILIATES/ASSOCIATES: To join your supporter organisation as an affiliate or an associate member, please email and request an affiliate/associate join form.

FSA Mission statement: The FSA is an inclusive, independent, democratic organisation working with supporters, governing bodies, leagues and clubs to drive positive change in football through supporter engagement at every level of the game. We nurture and develop supporter networks at local, national and international levels, working with supporters’ trusts, clubs and individuals to initiate and support campaigns on issues of concern to football supporters, encouraging good governance, supporter representation on club boards, community-ownership and sustainable stewardship of football clubs. A commitment to diversity underpins all of our activity and we oppose all forms of discrimination or violence in relation to football.

If you have any queries please email or call 0330 44 000 44.