Bayern call on UEFA to introduce wage cap


As Manchester United, Chelsea, Liverpool and Arsenal await Friday’s draw for the next  phase of the Champions League, Bayern Munich chairman Karl-Heinz Rummenigge has told Michel Platini UEFA should impose a salary cap on the competition.

Rummenigge says European football must be protected from the current global financial crisis, and wants the wages clubs competing in the Champions League can pay restricted to ensure they don’t spend beyond their means.

“UEFA president Michel Platini questioned me and I said to him that we needed to control the costs,” Rummenigge said in Sunday's edition of German newspaper Die Welt.

“Clubs cannot devote more than 50 percent of their budget to salaries – and at the moment, the wages are irrationally high.

“If we decided to intervene, the competition would be regulated overnight and clubs would have to work within their means.

“At the moment, each club is driven by the need for success and some make investments which might not be economically viable.”

The Bayern Munich boss believes the effects of the financial crisis are being seen in European football, and says there is no room for complacency.

“If one looks at football in Europe, there are serious signs of the crisis already in England, Spain and also Italy,” said Rummenigge.

“In Germany it is so far not yet clear how things will go. Nevertheless, I think that we would all do well to take a cautious approach in a situation like the current one.”

In October UEFA chief executive David Taylor warned that clubs who run up unsustainable debts may be barred from European competition in the future, while earlier this month the Guardian reported on Championship chairman warming to the possibility of a salary cap.