Extra Time!

Jeff Stelling has been back in the news as it’s emerged he’s going to host every student’s favourite show, Countdown. Now Jeff has long been considered a legend at FSF Towers, check out one of the reasons why with his rant on the north-south divide, mint. Don’t be eating guacamole in Jeff’s presence.

Rory Delap’s been in the news constantly for his throws, but the most dangerous throw in football? We think not. Painful.

It’s nice to see footballers getting stuck in to community and charity work, so hats off to Sunderland’s Anton Ferdinand who’s been raising money for Children in Need with a 24-hour sponsored silence, but it’s his explanation of how he got through it that killed us.

“If I didn’t have my girlfriend to talk to I’d have struggled,” says Anton, two minutes or so into this BBC clip. We’ve only just stopped laughing.

Watch closely, Catania defeat Torino 3-2 in Serie A, a few weeks ago. The player on the end of the wall distracts the Torino keeper with a quick flash of his a*se. The cheek of it.

Daniel Agger meanwhile lost a tooth at Bolton’s Reebok Stadium after running into a post earlier this month. Liverpool defender colliding with a post you say? Any excuse to watch that Phil Babb clip.

Lastly check out this piece of skill from Golazo Icrania, pretty impressive eh? Although some of the FSF’s elder statesman were quick to point out that it’s no Ernie Hunt. Nostalgia’s not what it used to be.