How can I help challenge Section 27?


We’re absolutely delighted that Liberty have recognised that the use of Section 27 is totally inappropriate and breaches the basic civil liberties of football fans. With them, we plan to take this issue to court and set a precedent – Section 27 was never designed to police football fans, and it never should be.

To do this we need to raise funds, legal proceedings can be very expensive. We cannot know in advance how this case will develop, how long it will take or the total possible costs at the end of it. Remember, we are fighting for the rights of all football fans. If police get away with this on the few, it's only a matter of time before they apply it to the many. We're aiming to raise £27,000 to challenge Section 27.

You can donate securely online by clicking here or send a cheque payable to the Football Supporters’ Federation, Fans' Stadium, Kingsmeadow, Jack Goodchild Way, 422A Kingston Road, Kingston upon Thames, KT1 3PB.

The suggested donation is £2.70, the price of a pint, although we obviously welcome larger donations. We also ask that everyone who receives this email send it on to five people. The more people who hear about this, the more evidence we build up of Section 27’s unfair use.

All money raised in this campaign will be spent solely on the campaign while it runs. If we are successful in overturning the use of Section 27, any surplus will be used for future legal challenges, on behalf of football fans.