Update: Berlin public transport fines


It has came to our attention that some England fans in Berlin for last month’s friendly with Germany got a nasty surprise, leaving with emptier pockets than they had bargained for.

Having been promised free public transport on the day of the game some fans were fined for not having the correct rail tickets - despite having match tickets on them. In total 42 were stopped and fined, of those nine paid on the spot and 33 were issued with mandates to send to their bank to issue payment.

After discussions with the Berlin authorities the FSF can now update supporters with some good news, and some work in progress!

The good news is that the German police have guaranteed us that fans who were fined will not face any repercussions if they want to enter Germany in the future. No personal details of those fined will be entered into databases or passed on to border authorities. Unfortunately those who have already paid will not be able to recover the fine.

Kevin Miles, International Coordinator at the Football Supporters’ Federation, said: “The outstanding issue affects those who were stopped and fined but who have not as yet paid.

“The FSF received written confirmation before the game that free transport would be available all day. We are therefore optimistic that with the support of the German police and the German FA – who provided the written confirmation – that we will be able to convince the Berlin transport authorities to take no further action to recover those fines.”

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