What can I do if a Section 27 is served on me?


At present there’s very little you can do – which is why it is absolutely vital that this campaign succeeds. If you refuse to abide by the conditions of a Section 27, police can then arrest you.

Unlucky enough to be in the wrong place, at the wrong time? You’re missing the match, getting taken home, and will receive no compensation of any sort. But you hadn’t committed any criminal offence, and haven’t even had a pint? If the police choose to enforce Section 27, tough.

While this sounds daunting, and we’re by no means legal eagles here at the FSF, we have been working hard to produce a Section 27 fact sheet, download it here. It’s a straightforward guide to the legislation and we’d encourage all fans to print it off and take it with them to the match. While we’re not suggesting this will guarantee police stop using Section 27 at all, we certainly can’t see any harm in whipping out a copy of this, should you be unlucky enough to find yourself served with it.