Current Poll - Do you back 'League 3' plan?

The FA Chairman's England Commission reported yesterday (8th May) on its plans to help improve the performance of the England national team - you can read our statement on the report here.

The plans included the creation of a new 'League Three', between the Football Conference and League Two, in which Premier League sides would be allowed to field teams of youth players. 

As part of our consultation of fans, and to help formulate our response to the FA, we would like to know if you back the creation of this new division with its stated aim of providing more competitive football for young English players. 

Do you support the plan proposed by the FA Chairman's England Commission to create a new League Three to accommodate Premier League clubs' B teams? Please leave your answer below. 

This poll is now closed.

No, I'm against the plan
Yes, I back the plan
I'm not sure/undecided