2013 AGM

On Saturday 22nd June 2013 the Football Supporters' Federation (FSF) teamed up with our friends at Supporters Direct (SD) to bring fans together at the FA's football centre, St George's Park, for the Supporters Summit. Around 300 fans attended.

  • Download the FSF Annual Report 2013 here.

The weekend also saw both organisations' AGMs take place, SD's on the Friday evening and the FSF's on Saturday afternoon. Minutes from the 2013 AGM will be available soon from this page. As well as the AGMs the FSF and SD also hosted a number of sessions on a variety of subjects.

These gave fans the opportunity to discuss the issues that matter with specially invited football industry figures and experts from a range of organisations. Find out what was discussed below:

The Supporters Summit opened with speeches from FA Chair David Bernstein and former Culture Secretary Rt Hon Andy Burnham who called on the FA to assert its authority over the game. FSF Chair Malcolm Clarke also addressed delegates and thanked the FA for hosting the event.

SD also held their own sessions on sustainability, fan involvement, football governance, protection of stadiums and transparency. Read SD's take on the Supporters Summit here along with reports from the Independent, Mail on SundaySunday Mirror and the ever-excellent 200%.

There's also a very thorough review of the day's events by Blackpool Supporters Association available here, a review by Killie Trust here and another from the Long, Long Road. If you covered the Supporters Summit on your website pop us an email and we'll link to it.

In the closing session, Dr Adam Brown, Tim Connolly (Green Bay Packers), FSF Chair Malcolm Clarke and SD Chief Executive David Lampitt joined a panel for Football Question Time chaired by former Guardian, Telegraph and Daily Star journalist Matt Scott.

If you have any pictures from the Supporters Summit email the FSF and we'll add them to the photo stream. Many thanks to Erlend Vågane and Phil Pellow for the images below.


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